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  • June 28, 2022

5 Trending Master’s Courses in Australia for international students

Having been known as the fastest emerging hub of higher education, Australia accounts for over 1,000 educational institutions and 40 universities, which is comparatively higher than many other developed countries. The availability of vast master’s course in Australia makes the country an in-demand destination for students aspiring to pursue higher education from across the world.


Did you know? 7 out of 100 best universities are in Australia, and the country’s education system is ranked 14th by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Even though coursework and study options play a pivotal role, there are a few other factors which students examine before they decide to choose a master’s course in Australia. In the current set up, international students don’t just go abroad to only explore academic opportunities but also to attain practical knowledge, get exposed to research centres, and experience work while studying options in another country. Hence, Australia will pave the way for you to explore the other facets of international education comfortably.

So, if you are looking to choose a master’s course to study in Australia? Here is a good read for you!

1. Master’s Course in Australia – Accounting

The course span of accounting courses in Australia is between 1.5 to 2 years and are offered as either Masters of Professional Accounting or Masters in Business Accounting in Australian education institutions. International students with a Bachelor’s degree in commerce, accounting and other related fields are eligible to apply for a master’s course in Australia. It is estimated that the need for accountants will be rising to 200,000 by 2023, which in turn will scale up the median remuneration of accountants to 58,000 AUD.

A Master’s degree in Accounting will equip international students to become a member of the prestigious accounting bodies such as the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and CPA (Certified Practising Accountant). Besides, 6 universities in Australia which offer masters in accounting are ranked in the 100 top universities in the THE Global Ranking 2020.

So, if you are interested in juggling numbers and helping to build business strategies with numeric-crunching skills, then a Masters in Accounting is the best fit for you!

2. Master’s Course in Australia – Business Administration

Business Administration is a highly sought-after master’s course by international students to study in Australia. This course is also considered as a pathway to enter the fortune 500 organisations soon after completing the course. Apparently, Business Administration is an umbrella course with various sub-domains such as Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance, and Data Management. According to the Financial Times report, people get a minimum 140% increment in their salary post pursuing the Master’s of Business Administration in Australia.

Australia boasts of its top-notch business institutions such as the ANU College of Business and Economics, University of Sydney and Monash Business School. These schools offer international students a diverse yet dynamic course that is approximately ranging from sixteen months to 3 years.

Some institutions also offer part-time programmes depending on international students’ requirements. According to the QS report of top MBA Jobs and Salary Trends, the mean salary is over 160,000 AUD for international employees in Australia.

3. Master’s Course in Australia – Business Analytics

The demand for Business Analytics graduates has been on the rise over the last decade. A Master’s course in Business Analytics eventually helps international students equip with the data & analytical skills required to derive information from a complex data set. Businesses that need to actualise value from the rapidly increasing volume of data make use of Business Analytics Graduates with the analytical, computational, and business skills in Australia and worldwide.

Master of Business Analytics students in Australia will graduate with the skills, including:

  • In depth understanding of the data processing of unstructured data.
  • Technical skills to apply, understand and interpret the data analysis approaches.
  • Ability to understand the ethical issues which are related to protecting the individual’s rights and the integrity of data analysed and collected.
  • The ability to implement data analytics techniques and tools in a wide range of business verticals.

In the current Salary and Skills Survey conducted by the IAPA (Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia) found that the mean salary of data analytics professionals in Australia is over $180,000/ year. This data indicates there is a broad scope of career opportunities in Australia to Master’s graduates.

Institutions such as Deakin, La Trobe and RMIT offer a Masters in Data Analytics course to international students.

4. Master’s Course in Australia- Nursing

Unlike other courses, a Master’s degree in Nursing is a professional course that provides students with the most revered and lucrative career. Almost all nursing courses (Master’s) in Australia last for 1 or 2 years depending upon the nature of the course. Mental Health Nurses, Nursing Reachers and Registered Midwives Nurses are some of the lucrative nursing careers in Australia which require a master’s degree in Nursing.

Universities offering nursing courses in Australia such as Deakin, RMIT and Monash have been consistently ranked amongst the top 75 institutions in the world for the nursing program. Most institutions are successfully offering nursing courses online for decades, including the University of South Australia.

International students completing a postgraduate nursing course in Australia earn between 60,000 to 100,000 AUD based on the specialisations they choose from.

Some of the popular postgraduate nursing programs in Australia are:

  • MN – Master of Nursing (MN)
  • MSC – Master of Science in Nursing (MSc Nursing)
  • MNP – Master of Nursing Practice
  • Master of Advanced Nursing
  • Master of Clinical Nursing

5. Master of Engineering

MEng, Master of Engineering, is a specialised technical degree offered in various disciplines such as Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Mechatronics and Oil and Gas. Most universities in Australia offer this program full time with a 2-year course duration. Owing to the country’s career opportunities and teaching excellence in Engineering, the number of students getting enrolled has been increasing exponentially year after year.

MEng in Australia comprises 72 credit points which have to be finished in the two years. Unlike the MS program, the credits in the MEng program are divided into as follows:

  • Over 40 credit points are allocated to a major. International students can choose a major such as Robotics, Biomedical, Civil, Cybersecurity, Geotechnical, and Manufacturing.
  • Over 10 credits are allocated to choosing the elective according to students’ interests. The elective can be of technical subjects or non-engineering subjects.
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  • June 28, 2022

Affordable nursing courses in Australia for international students

Studying abroad can be the perfect way to start your journey to a career and living in Australia. If you have a degree in a skilled occupation from the Skilled Occupation List, you may be eligible for a permanent residency. Typical eligible occupations include health care, accounting, and engineering. As a nursing aspirant on a budget, you can save money by There are plenty of opportunities to find the cheapest nursing courses in Australia for international students. You can also choose from some popular scholarship options that would even cover airfare along with tuition fees and other ancillary expenses.


1. Graduate Certificate in Nursing- James Cook University

The Graduate Certificate of Nursing program offered at James Cook University is an online nursing course in Australia that lasts for eight months. The cohort program is available six times per year, and admission is open to international students. Despite its relatively low cost, the certificate can be an important step in transforming your career, developing your clinical skills, and diversifying your practice.


2. Diploma in Nursing- Institute of Health and Nursing Australia     IHNA

The Diploma in Nursing from the IHNA is offered to international students for eighteen months and is recognized nationally. Enroll in a top-notch facility that offers a great learning experience. You’ll have access to qualified nurses as teachers, and qualified staff to support various activities, state-of-the-art laboratories, well-equipped classrooms, and libraries that provide interactive learning with 24/7 online support for students. The intakes for the diploma take place in July, September, November, and March. Upon completion, you can work at hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and medical centers and provide home visits.


3. Bachelor of Nursing- RMIT

At RMIT, The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree with a concentration in acute care provides a thorough grounding in biosciences and evidence-based care. As a nursing student at RMIT, you will also gain skills related to caring for people within acute care settings, such as medical and surgical nursing as well as specialized areas of nursing practice including critical care nurse practitioner or perioperative registered nurse. You would be prepared for roles as RNs across the health care sector when they graduate from the program


4. Master of Nursing- Western Sydney University

The Master of Nursing degree at the Western Sydney University in Australia is a prestigious yet very affordable program for international students. This course aims at providing a rigorous theoretical curriculum along with critical cognition skills to bachelor’s degree holders in nursing. The program has an up-to-date pedagogy that covers teaching clinical care, caring for old people, clinical leadership, primary health care, and more. This program opens doors to careers in many fields, including rehabilitation, community and mental health services, disabilities services, and more.


5. Master of Nursing- Flinders University

The Master of Nursing programme is a 1.5-year nursing program in Australia covering advanced practice and research. The course comprises a total of 54 units. It provides training to nurses for contributing to the development of the nursing profession and healthcare services in Australia. Despite being one of the cheapest nursing programs in Australia for international students, it covers a lot of subjects including aged care, child and family health, cardiac and critical care, etc

Know more about Nursing Courses in Australia

Why should you pursue a nursing course in Australia?

  1. You’ll be a part of a profession that is in demand. It has been predicted that Australia will have a high-demand for nurses in the future. That’s because healthcare reliance is increasing and more nurses are needed to fulfill this demand. The need for more nurses is growing because of the rise in new diseases and illnesses.
  2. A nursing course in Australia will equip you with a lot of skills that are going to be in demand in the future. The nursing practice need not be checking blood pressure or administering injections anymore. With an increasing trend in automation and machines in the sector, nursing has evolved and needs a skill-based module than the basics alone.
  3. You will work in a highly skilled and fast environment. As a patient comes into a hospital, his health can improve or deteriorate quickly. Most of the decisions are split-second ones and need swift action. It could prove exhilarating to work in a dynamic environment as a nurse.
  4. You have the opportunity to grow in an extremely competitive environment. You can start as an assistant in Nursing (AINs), which include aged care workers (ACWs), personal care assistants (PCAs), health services assistants (HSAs), and care support employees (CSEs). The next step in this hierarchy is the registered nurse. Registered nurses primarily handle patient care. Some specialise in areas such as pediatrics, psychology, disabilities, and acute care. With increased experience comes increased responsibility, and increased pay to brighten your career prospects.
  5. As a nursing graduate, you can explore the management side of a hospital too. Nurse managers have a combination of clinical and administrative experience, and you can work in any clinical setting, in any department. You will manage other nurses or work with information systems to help your specific department operate if the case calls for it.
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  • June 28, 2022

Best Law Courses in Australia for International Students

If you have a burning desire to stand up for rights and wrongs or build a sustainable legal fabric for civil society, then taking up law as a career is a prudent choice for you. As a lawyer, you can contribute to society by taking up pro-bono cases for the poor and underprivileged sections of society, fighting for social causes, and constantly upskilling yourself with the ever-evolving techno-legal challenges. In addition, globalization has brought the world together, where business deals are signed across countries, opening up opportunities in various sectors like mergers, acquisitions, negotiations, and dispute resolution. As a law aspirant, an international law degree opens up a large number of opportunities in the legal arena. If you are looking to pursue a law course, then look no further than Australia.

Australia is a highly sought-after destination for international studies due to its accessibility, safety, and excellent standards of international education. Studying Law Courses in Australia adds incredible value to students

Here are some reasons for you to study law courses in Australia

  • It allows you to become more analytical, think critically and help broaden your horizon. It also gives you a sense of having gained a valuable skill set, making it easier to find a good job and settle down as a resident in Australia
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  • June 28, 2022

Top pharmacy courses in New Zealand

Being a pharmacist is akin to being a detective in a crime thriller. Just like a detective takes a look at the crime scene, gets to know the background of the victims, puts the pieces together and solves the case, a pharmacist gets a basic history, medication history, blood tests and other details to see how a healthcare plan would fit. Once the plan kicks in, there is a lot of satisfaction to see a patient get better. As an expert in medicine, it is highly rewarding to see medicines and health plans improve the quality of life in certain health conditions. The dynamics of working as a pharmacist in the present day have changed tremendously. As a pharmacist, you would be an important part of the healthcare ecosystem, and provide services to old-age care, community health, and management of lifestyle-related conditions.

Pharmaceutical careers are emerging as a very popular profession, especially in recent times with the whole world battling pandemics and health scares. New Zealand has a population of almost 4 million people and a strong healthcare system and a thriving economy that makes it a wise choice to pursue a career in pharmacology in New Zealand.

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  • June 28, 2022

10 Places to Visit in Sydney in Free Time

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is one of Australia’s largest cities. The city is built around a large harbor and features many tourist attractions such as beaches, stunning skylines, national parks, and high-quality museums. However, we all know that Sydney is neither the cheapest place to live nor the cheapest place to visit. But, having said that, there are many free things to do in Sydney. Below are the top ten free things that you can experience in Sydney: Located near the domain, the Art gallery of NSW (New South Wales) is a marvelous place that exhibits the most amazing art and sculpture. It’s open from 10 am to 5 pm on a regular basis whereas 10 am to 10 pm on Wednesday. It has a calm and refreshing space to be in.

Near the Art gallery of NSW, a royal botany garden is a place with a peaceful environment with managed botany and lovely fresh air to breathe in. It opens at 7 am in the morning and the closing time varies every day.

The Parramatta Valley Cycleway is a 15-kilometer-long path shared by cyclists and pedestrians that follows the Parramatta River. The cycleway follows the river providing some pleasant outlooks, heritage buildings, and nature reserves.This is the most amazing place for a beach walk. It’s more of a regular exercise place, with daily random stalls and an amazing relaxing time at the beach. What would be better than getting an amazing suntan at the beach with a marvelous view?

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