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Affordable nursing courses in Australia for international students

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Affordable nursing courses in Australia for international students

Studying abroad can be the perfect way to start your journey to a career and living in Australia. If you have a degree in a skilled occupation from the Skilled Occupation List, you may be eligible for a permanent residency. Typical eligible occupations include health care, accounting, and engineering. As a nursing aspirant on a budget, you can save money by There are plenty of opportunities to find the cheapest nursing courses in Australia for international students. You can also choose from some popular scholarship options that would even cover airfare along with tuition fees and other ancillary expenses.


1. Graduate Certificate in Nursing- James Cook University

The Graduate Certificate of Nursing program offered at James Cook University is an online nursing course in Australia that lasts for eight months. The cohort program is available six times per year, and admission is open to international students. Despite its relatively low cost, the certificate can be an important step in transforming your career, developing your clinical skills, and diversifying your practice.


2. Diploma in Nursing- Institute of Health and Nursing Australia     IHNA

The Diploma in Nursing from the IHNA is offered to international students for eighteen months and is recognized nationally. Enroll in a top-notch facility that offers a great learning experience. You’ll have access to qualified nurses as teachers, and qualified staff to support various activities, state-of-the-art laboratories, well-equipped classrooms, and libraries that provide interactive learning with 24/7 online support for students. The intakes for the diploma take place in July, September, November, and March. Upon completion, you can work at hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and medical centers and provide home visits.


3. Bachelor of Nursing- RMIT

At RMIT, The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree with a concentration in acute care provides a thorough grounding in biosciences and evidence-based care. As a nursing student at RMIT, you will also gain skills related to caring for people within acute care settings, such as medical and surgical nursing as well as specialized areas of nursing practice including critical care nurse practitioner or perioperative registered nurse. You would be prepared for roles as RNs across the health care sector when they graduate from the program


4. Master of Nursing- Western Sydney University

The Master of Nursing degree at the Western Sydney University in Australia is a prestigious yet very affordable program for international students. This course aims at providing a rigorous theoretical curriculum along with critical cognition skills to bachelor’s degree holders in nursing. The program has an up-to-date pedagogy that covers teaching clinical care, caring for old people, clinical leadership, primary health care, and more. This program opens doors to careers in many fields, including rehabilitation, community and mental health services, disabilities services, and more.


5. Master of Nursing- Flinders University

The Master of Nursing programme is a 1.5-year nursing program in Australia covering advanced practice and research. The course comprises a total of 54 units. It provides training to nurses for contributing to the development of the nursing profession and healthcare services in Australia. Despite being one of the cheapest nursing programs in Australia for international students, it covers a lot of subjects including aged care, child and family health, cardiac and critical care, etc

Know more about Nursing Courses in Australia

Why should you pursue a nursing course in Australia?

  1. You’ll be a part of a profession that is in demand. It has been predicted that Australia will have a high-demand for nurses in the future. That’s because healthcare reliance is increasing and more nurses are needed to fulfill this demand. The need for more nurses is growing because of the rise in new diseases and illnesses.
  2. A nursing course in Australia will equip you with a lot of skills that are going to be in demand in the future. The nursing practice need not be checking blood pressure or administering injections anymore. With an increasing trend in automation and machines in the sector, nursing has evolved and needs a skill-based module than the basics alone.
  3. You will work in a highly skilled and fast environment. As a patient comes into a hospital, his health can improve or deteriorate quickly. Most of the decisions are split-second ones and need swift action. It could prove exhilarating to work in a dynamic environment as a nurse.
  4. You have the opportunity to grow in an extremely competitive environment. You can start as an assistant in Nursing (AINs), which include aged care workers (ACWs), personal care assistants (PCAs), health services assistants (HSAs), and care support employees (CSEs). The next step in this hierarchy is the registered nurse. Registered nurses primarily handle patient care. Some specialise in areas such as pediatrics, psychology, disabilities, and acute care. With increased experience comes increased responsibility, and increased pay to brighten your career prospects.
  5. As a nursing graduate, you can explore the management side of a hospital too. Nurse managers have a combination of clinical and administrative experience, and you can work in any clinical setting, in any department. You will manage other nurses or work with information systems to help your specific department operate if the case calls for it.