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Top pharmacy courses in New Zealand

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Top pharmacy courses in New Zealand

Being a pharmacist is akin to being a detective in a crime thriller. Just like a detective takes a look at the crime scene, gets to know the background of the victims, puts the pieces together and solves the case, a pharmacist gets a basic history, medication history, blood tests and other details to see how a healthcare plan would fit. Once the plan kicks in, there is a lot of satisfaction to see a patient get better. As an expert in medicine, it is highly rewarding to see medicines and health plans improve the quality of life in certain health conditions. The dynamics of working as a pharmacist in the present day have changed tremendously. As a pharmacist, you would be an important part of the healthcare ecosystem, and provide services to old-age care, community health, and management of lifestyle-related conditions.

Pharmaceutical careers are emerging as a very popular profession, especially in recent times with the whole world battling pandemics and health scares. New Zealand has a population of almost 4 million people and a strong healthcare system and a thriving economy that makes it a wise choice to pursue a career in pharmacology in New Zealand.